Dec 8, 2010

Hurricane Hazell

I've been thinking a lot about love and growing old lately. I thought I would start some handsome grandpa-ing again.

This is my grandad Hazell also known as Hurricane Hazell (because of his temper). He was a fighter pilot for the Royal Canadian Air Force. He was really tough, and really, really, handsome. He was so charming with the ladies that my grandmother felt the need to leave her first born with relatives so that she could follow my grandad from base to base in order to keep a close eye on him. Once when they were apart, he sent her the photo of him writing his letter to her (you can see he has her photo next to him and turned to the camera-I think he is showing her this to ease her mind -pretty smooth). He also sent her the one of him wearing only his boots so that her imagination could wander. I see a lot of my grandad Hazell's qualities in my own brother.

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