Oct 1, 2008

Anton the mind blower-a diamond in the rough.

I have been saving this gem and I think today is a good day to share it. One day back in the spring during a pit stop on our bike ride Kenta came back from the washrooms. He tossed me his camera and said "I think you'd better go for a walk up to the washrooms, I think you are really going to like what you see." I ran up there with no idea what I was looking for. A blue heron? A yeti? An orphaned baby cougar? This is what I found. Meet Anton. When I first saw him I just stood back and appreciated what I saw. He was in this amazing tracksuit walking around doing lunges and mini kicks into the air. I thought that that was it, and that alone seemed like enough. I thought it was cute that he would put on this crazy sweatsuit to do his little kicking exercises. But it didn't stop there. He goes up to the parallel bars and shimmies across them on nothing but his hands. THEN he goes over to the rings and does a few chin ups. Think that's it? Nope. He finishes it off with a full 360 belly pivot spin on the bars. I had to meet this man. I went up to him and introduced myself. He told me his name was Anton, and I wish I had a better camera because he seemed to like the attention and he stood there and posed for me. Anton honestly looked to be about 90 with a physique better then that of many 25 year olds. I found out from a 25 year old that used the same equipment that Anton is there quite often, so best believing I will be going back for some good photos. This blew my mind. What else is out there that we are missing? Thanks and love you Anton.


beth said...
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beth said...

high waisted track pants, check
belly pivot spin, check
my hero, check!

chink slopper said...

this dude is gozzzz, buck old n, tough like train track nails

Red Red said...

this guy is a stud...i think im gonna faint

MEL said...


can I send you pics of my grandpa?