Sep 10, 2008

Hurricane Hazel: The King of Ducks

This is my mom's father, my Grandad Hazel. He was a fighter pilot in the war who loved to hunt with my dad. He was a real man's man with a temper that earned him the nickname Hurricane Hazel. I have some great stories about him and some great photos that I will be posting soon and boy was he a looker. Handsome enough that my grandma felt the need to leave the baby at home with her mom so she could follow him from base to base to keep her eye on him. The first time my Grandad took my Grandma on a date he took her to the dump with a 22 to shoot rats. On the way home he flipped his truck and she broke her ribs. She hid the injury from her parents so that she could keep seeing him. 30 years later she ended up giving that same 22 to my brother for helping her walk her dog while her ankle was broken from a car accident. My brother and I still shoot that gun when we go camping together and I love thinking of my Grandma and my Grandad on their first date.


beth said...

I'm lucky to have been able to shoot guns with the brisco fam and hear this story first hand. rats never sounded cuter.

todays lover said...

wow, what a story. your grandaddy hazel was a bad ass, as was your gran! sounds like you might have snagged a few loveable traits from him, badtemper becks.