Jul 30, 2008

They don't make 'em like they used to...

I decided to give this handsome devil, my very own Papa the honors of starring in my first entry of all entries devoted to those sharp old fellows that warm my heart. Papa has been playing the saxophone in the local Concert Band since 1936. He loves Jazz & Dixie Land music, the Detroit Tigers, playing the Eukele, story telling, leading sing songs at the Rotary Club, being a Shriner, and he loves to tell dirty jokes.

My Papa has been married to my Nanny for almost 70 years and counting. During that time he tells me they have spent no more then 12 nights apart. Through out their marriage him and my Nan have traveled all over the world on vacations that centered around music and dancing, their favorite place being New Orleans. Above his record player is a framed illustration of a uniformed man and a lovely lady embracing on the ground while sitting in front of a record player listening to music. When I asked him about it he said that he sent the image to my Nan when he was away during the war. He said "That was us. I told Maxine ' That's me there in the uniform and that's you there with me.' " Although my Papa loves causing mischief and grins at anyone bearing witness to my frustrated Nan shaking her fist at him, my Papa still calls her 'Baby' and gives her bum the odd pat. There will be many more entries involving my Papa in the future, but I thought we should start things off slow when entering the complex, endearing, chest aching world of handsome grampas.

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